AK-60 Tools





Complete with heavy duty NiCad Battery Pack and temperature controlled Quick Charge Charger.

1. This Portable cordless electric shear makes cutting easier , faster and produces a clear cut of single and low lays.

2. A 60mm 10-sided rotary blade and carbide stationary blade becomes a self-sharpening combination.

3. The heart of this shear is its powerful 9.6 volt Heavy Duty motor, powered by a NiCad Battery Pack. Battery pack rechargeable with 110/120 volts or 220/240 volts corrent.

4. One hour recharges can cut approximately 800 feet of cloth or 300 feet of carpet on a single charge. For continuous operation , keep a second battery in the charger.

5. Knife guard designed for safety protected. The shear with battery attached weighs only 1.2kgs and 12 3/4″ long.