U007 U007-W125-2□□/UTT(UTU) 2 4 4.0/4.8 5 UYX128GAS#10 2700 U007-W125-3□□/UTT(UTU) 3 5 5.6/6.4 5 UYX128GAS#10 2700 U007-W125-2□□/UTX(UTY) 2 4 4.0/4.8 5 UYX128GAS#10 2700 U007-W125-3□□/UTX(UTY) 3 4 5.6/6.4 5 UYX128GAS#10 2700


ECA PNEUMATIC TYPE TAPE/THREAD CUTTER   .ECB SOLENOID TYPE TAPE/ THREAD CUTTER SiRUBA’s re-evolution on EC device! Eliminating the control box and driven by the powerful computerized system to control the cutting movements is an implementation of “single machine automation” concept. Advanced sensor inspects the completion of sewing work and initiates cutting without time lag. ECA is pneumatic […]

700L / 700LD

Direct-drive Control Set Device Function Accessory List Sensor Safety Switch Control Panel Manual Cut Switch Thread Release Tape Cutter Suction Trimmer LED Light Standing Operation Padel Auto Foot Lifter Suction Set Needle Plate Side Cutter Flat Cutter DKLH□-0 Hohsing Economic Type / General Sewing ● Standard VT Suction Thread Trimmer ● ● #5 #4 #5 […]


MODEL ASV-ATS100A Collocation Machine Head SIRUBA VC008-06064P/VPL Sewing Speed Max 2000 SPM Needle Type UO×113GS #11 Available Width Of Stitching Platform 440mm Stitch Length 6.4mm Sewing Pattern Adjustable Air Consumption 40L/min Air Pressure 0.5 Mpa Dimensions (W)1200×(D)900×(H)1900mm ( With table and thread stand ) Voltage Single Phase AC200~240V 50/60Hz Production Capacity Cloth length:600mm、Stitch pitch: 2mm、Sewing […]

ASP-EBJ Series

MODEL ASP-EBJ100A ASP-EBJ100S ASP-EBJ150 ASP-EBJ200 Machine Head JUKI LK-1920 JUKI AMS210ENSS Sewing Speed 2500 SPM (Max ) 2800 SPM (Max ) Needle Type DP×5 #14 DP×17 #14 Stitch type Single Needle Lockstitch #301 Rubber Width 20~50 mm 6~20 mm 20~50 mm 20~90 mm Pattern Memory EEPROM IP-420 (JUKI AMS) Max. Numbers of Pattern 99 Patterns […]