Electronic High-Speed Zig Zag Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Features & Benefits Models
∙ Direct-Drive mini-motor on main shaft to reduce vibration and GT856D-118
power consumption Electronic Zig Zag Fast Seamer
∙ Zig zag width electronically controlled by stepping motor GT856D-318
∙ Stitch length electronically controlled by stepping motor Electronic Zig Zag Fast Seamer with Automatic Thread Trimmer, Thread Wiper, Back Tack & Automatic Presser Foot Lifter (optional)
∙ Forward stitch and back stitch separately programmable
∙ Intuitive control panel integrated in the machine head
∙ 8 different stitch types recallable by push button
∙ 210 different sewing patterns already stored in the machine memory
∙ Software available to design your own stitch pattern
∙ Rotating take-up-lever for constant and optimized needle thread tension
∙ Needle thread tension regulated by revolving tension for a
constant stitch quality even at differnt speeds and different zig zag widths
∙ Presser foot connection rod available for the use of
different types of sewing feet
∙ Fully automatic lubrication system allows speed up to 5,000 spm
(depending on stitch length and zig zag width)
Dimensions and gross weights
66×30×60 cm, 66 kg
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