QH series


In the past way for linear joining of roll material such as plastic sheet, non-woven fabric have been carried out by sewing / gluing / etc. However, this kind of work resultingly weaken the material joining portion and it impossible to bear during processing the material, this model have been developed to provide to solve such problem. 
Effective length on this series are from 750mm to 2000mm can be manufactured and furthermore seal-cut or seal only can be chosen.
Other require for sealing width, length, numbers to be consulting, please ask us.



QH 1500-10x2

QH 1100-10x2

QH 2000-10

Power input

AC 3P 200V 50/60 Hz

AC 1P 200V 50/60Hz

Power consumption

20.4 KVA

16 KVA

10 KVA

Effective width

1500 mm

1100 mm

2000 mm

Heater wire (Ribbon)

10 mm x 2

10 mm x 2

10 mm x 1

Pressure (Maximum)

1000 Kgs

1000 Kgs

1100 Kgs


Abt. 450 Kgs

Abt. 350 Kgs

Abt. 550 Kgs

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